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New Roof & Roof Repair Loans


Roof financing can help you fulfill one of the top priorities of home ownership: keeping a solid roof over your head. If you’re in need of a new roof or roof repair, you will want to make sure you select a reliable company as well as a trustworthy lender. Below, we’ve compared some of the top lending options to help you make an educated decision.  On approved loans, you can borrow up to $100,000 and take as long as 12 years to pay it back. 


Replacing a roof can be hard on your bank account. A new roof can run from roughly $8,000 to over $15,000. If you need to get financing for your roof, we advise you to seek a reliable lender. The best loans cover up to $100,000 and have lengthy terms.

Options include:

  • In house lenders that provide roofing specific and or home remodeling financing. Most reputable roofing companies offer this type of financing. 

  • Home equity loans, also known as second mortgages, allow you to use the portion of your home’s value you own as collateral on a new loan.

  • Cash-out refinances are new mortgages taken out on the home with the previous mortgage paid off and the rest used as a loan.

  • The Federal Housing Administration has several options for people with insufficient equity in their homes.

  • Personal loans, these often have higher interest rates but do not require putting up your home as collateral.


Whatever option you choose for roof repair, we’re here to take on the job! 


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Our jobs are backed by over 17 years experience and an industry leading warranty. We offer FREE roof inspections for roof repair and roof replacements.

Murray Roofing has established itself as one of the most trusted local commercial roofing companies in the area. We install the highest quality products, at the best prices, on-time, and on-budget.


Insurance claims can be complicated so it's important to work with a roofing contractor experienced with the current insurance claims processIf you have a hail damage roof repair or replacement we can help.

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