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Lincoln's trusted local roofing company with experience & benefits you’ll love.



Having a roof over your head is a traditional symbol of safety. It also can significantly affect the resale value of your home. Unfortunately, roofs fall into disrepair. Shingles may break, tear, or even vanish. Mold and moss often grow on the surface of shingles. Leaks can appear in different spots across the roof, causing it to become spongy and soft. Storm damage can even destroy the structure of the roof. Roof damage can lead to more damage in your home. It is vital to stay on top of your roof maintenance. 



Are you looking to install a new roof? Maybe it’s damaged or dingy, or you just need a few minor repairs to your roof. Whatever your needs, Murray Roofing is here to serve you as one of the preeminent roofing companies in Lincoln. 

Proudly offering a 50 year lifetime warranty.

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Murray Roofing is here to serve your residential roofing and commercial roofing needs throughout Lincoln and surrounding areas.

Our A+ Better Business Bureau-rated roofing company specializes in roof repair and replacement. We stand by our commitment to quality and proudly offer a 10-year labor warranty in addition to the manufacturers' warranty.

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Schedule a free inspection & request your FREE upgrade!
*(up to $1,500 in value) 

*Excluding new builds. Must be used for replacement only. 



For over 17 years, Murray Roofing has faithfully served the Lincoln, NE, area. We are one of the top premier roofing companies in Lincoln, NE, providing only the most reliable services. Murray Roofing is here to serve your residential and commercial roofing needs throughout Lincoln, and South East Nebraska.


Corporate Headquarters
1631 Cushman Drive Suite 2
Lincoln, NE 68512

(402) 557-8790 Sales
(402) 802-7021

Hours: M-F 8:00AM-5:00PM


Murray Roofing is proud of our roots in Lincoln, NE. While we work on your roof, take the time to explore the capital city of Nebraska. Lincoln is home to 292,627 residents, making it the second most populated city in Nebraska, behind Omaha. Lincoln is home to the University of Nebraska, which, with 26,079 enrolled students, is the state’s largest university and the third-largest employer in town. With 131 individual parks, the city is a great place to spend an afternoon. Lincoln is also home to a thriving music scene with a number of clubs as well as Pinnacle Bank Arena. 


At Murray Roofing, we’re proud to serve as a top roofing contractor in Lincoln, NE. Our work is backed by a 10-year warranty. For a decade and a half, we’ve served this area. And while we’ve expanded to Omaha and Houston, we remain a locally based and locally proud business. Contact us today.


Nothing takes a toll on the top of your home like the weather. Lincoln has briskly cold winters, with an average high of 46 degrees during the coldest period and frequent snowfall during the winter season. In the summer, conditions are humid and hot as temperatures reach the upper 80s with limited cloud cover. Lincoln faces a healthy amount of rain annually, with an average of 28.94 inches. With that in mind, knowing where to find good roof repair in Lincoln, NE, is essential.


Upgrade to Impact Resistant Shingles
* (up to $1,500 value)

*Excluding new builds. Must be used for replacement only. 


Replacing a roof can be hard on your bank account. A new roof can run from roughly $8,000 to over $15,000. If you need to get financing for your roof, we advise you to seek a reliable lender. The best loans cover up to $100,000 and have lengthy terms.

Options include:

  • In house lenders that provide roofing specific and or home remodeling financing. Most reputable roofing companies offer this type of financing. 

  • Home equity loans, also known as second mortgages, allow you to use the portion of your home’s value you own as collateral on a new loan.

  • Cash-out refinances are new mortgages taken out on the home with the previous mortgage paid off and the rest used as a loan.

  • The Federal Housing Administration has several options for people with insufficient equity in their homes.

  • Personal loans, these often have higher interest rates but do not require putting up your home as collateral.


Whatever option you choose for roof repair, we’re here to take on the job. 

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Contact Us Now to Get Your FREE Roofing Inspection & Consultation



We also install commercial roofs. We use many roofing types to give your roof the best look possible. Metal roofs are popular as they can fit a variety of structures. If you’re concerned about holding up to the elements, SBS and PVC are roofing membranes that handle extreme weather well. For conserving energy and reflection of heat, TPO serves well. Commercial rooftops with low slopes would benefit the most from EPDM, a durable rubber membrane. Whatever the case for your business, we’re one of the top roofing companies in Lincoln to serve you.



Just because there’s a problem doesn’t mean the solution has to be a completely new roof. We offer a variety of repair services. One of our specialties is fixing mold and removing water, a service performed by our partner Murray Restoration. We will assess the damage caused by a storm and can perform a structural repair if needed. Insurance inspections, a necessity when adding new coverage, are also provided. These are just some of the reasons we’re one of the top roofing contractors in Lincoln.

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When speaking with roofing companies in Lincoln, it’s essential to know your financing options. A new roof averages roughly $9,500, making loans a necessity. With various financing options, paying for a new roof over your head need not be a hassle. Credit cards are the simplest option, but with high-interest rates, they can take a heavy financial toll unless paid off fast. Home equity loans, often referred to as a second mortgage, are a popular choice as they use the value of what you’ve already paid into the home as collateral for a fixed equity loan. The Federal Housing Administration has 203(k) and Title I loans for those unable to secure home equity financing. Personal loans are also a popular method. With financing in place, Murray Roofing will handle the work.

GAF Lifetime Warranty


There are many options for roofing in Lincoln, and it’s not always easy to get the word out. At Murray Roofing, we believe in the value of spreading positive word of mouth. If you like our work, fill out this form to refer a friend. If they sign a contract with us and make an initial payment, you’ll get $250 in electronic gift cards to various local businesses. You don’t have to be a previous customer to participate in this program, though the referred customer must be a first-time client. The program is a great way to share the word about the work we do.

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