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The Different Types of Roofing in Grand Island and How to Choose

Updated: Sep 14

Grand Island, Nebraska, is a beautiful place to live, but you mustn't overlook a critical part of your home: your roof. With the range of temperatures and weather that Grand Island experiences, picking the best roof material for your home is critical. So, what are the Grand Island roofing options?

Your roof doesn't only dictate the aesthetic of your home. Roofing materials offer different cost efficiency, roof maintenance requirements, climate control, and durability options. Read on to learn more about Grand Island roofing options and how to approach choosing a roof.

Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt shingles are one of North America's most popular roof styles due to the roofing cost, roof maintenance, and efficient installation. With a reputable roofing contractor in Grand Island, you can install this type of roof quickly, with the reassurance that asphalt is built to last.

Asphalt shingles are widely popular because they can fit a variety of roof styles with a selection of different colors and shapes. They are also durable, with simple roof maintenance helping you enjoy your roof for many years in Grand Island.

Cedar Wood Shake

Another Grand Island roofing option is cedar wood shake, a popular choice. It is made out of natural cedar roof materials with different grades. They are suitable for even weather extremes in Grand Island, such as heavy rainfall and snow.

They are aesthetically pleasing and can transform the look of your roof for those who want a more natural aesthetic to their home.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing offers modern roof styles and uses a metal panel system. There is a range of standing seam options—from color and width to shape and thickness. Fasteners are hidden, so they are not exposed to the elements; plus, this roofing material is designed for thermal expansion, increasing its longevity.

Slate, Tile, or Concrete Shingles

Along with asphalt shingles, you can choose between shingles made of roof materials such as slate, tile, or concrete. Your roofing contractor can advise the best options for your home. However, all offer energy efficiency, flexible designs, and durability.

Choosing a Roof in Grand Island, Nebraska

A roof can make or break your home over the long term. How can you choose between different roof materials and find the best fit?

The first step is to work to your budget. Don't just consider the roofing cost—remember to consider the roof maintenance prices. Then, find a reputable contractor in Grand Island, Nebraska, to assess your home and determine the best roof options.

You can then narrow down your options and consider the roof styles you like most for your home.

Grand Island Roofing Services

These are some of the top Grand Island roofing options. If you are considering a new roof in Grand Island, Nebraska, the next step is to contact a roofing service. Murray Roofing proudly serves Grand Island, Nebraska, offering various roofing services, including new roof installation.

Contact us to discuss your roof options today.

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