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Free Roof Inspection: How We Can Help Your Roof

If you want your roof to last as long as possible and remain in good condition, you must schedule regular inspections with a qualified professional. Some owners think a quick self-inspection will do the trick; however, many roof issues are only noticeable by someone with the proper knowledge. Regular roof inspections by a specialized company can help you keep your home safe by catching problems early on. Many companies, such as Murray Roofing, offer a free roof inspection to help you stay in the know about your roof's condition.

What Does A Roof Inspection Include?

During your inspection, a professional inspector will comprehensively check your roof, searching for signs of damage or wear, such as missing or curled shingles, water leaks, or structural weaknesses. The inspector will also check the flashing, air circulation, downspouts, and gutters. Additionally, the inspector will look for mold and water damage in the attic. They'll take a close look at the roof's health as a whole and come back with their findings and any necessary recommendations for roof repairs that you may need.

Why Should You Schedule A Roof Inspection?

A regular roof inspection is critical for homeowners who want to keep their properties safe and in good shape. There are many reasons to take advantage of a free roof inspection offered by some roofing companies, such as Murray Roofing in Omaha, Lincoln, and Houston.

A Damaged Roof Is A Safety Issue

In order to guarantee the security of your house or business, a roof inspection is essential. A damaged or neglected roof can lead to severe health and safety risks. Inclement weather can cause further damage, compromising your comfort and safety. A professional inspector will check for any potential dangers, such as loose or missing shingles, preventing these issues before they happen.

Maintain Your Property Value

Regular roof inspections are crucial for keeping your property looking good and maintaining its value. A roof that hasn't received proper maintenance can drastically lower the value of a building. A professional roof inspector can spot problems, such as moss or algae development, that detract from your roof's aesthetic value and suggest solutions. Keeping your roof in tip-top shape is a great way to ensure you get top-dollar for your home if you ever decide to sell.

Identify Minor Issues Before They Become Serious Problems

Identifying minor issues with your roof before they escalate is the primary goal of a roof inspection. Problems such as missing or broken shingles, leaks, or structural damage, can easily be spotted by a qualified inspector. By catching these issues in their early stages, you can easily take corrective action to repair or replace the damaged components before they cause extensive damage to your roof or the inside of your building. Remember that ideally, you should have a trained and qualified specialist perform your roof inspection. If there are problems with your roof, they can diagnose them accurately and educate you on the best way to proceed.

When Do You Need A Roof Inspection?

Once you understand how important a roof inspection is, you may wonder when the best time to schedule one is. There are a few instances you'll want to consider a professional's roof inspection services.

Before You Purchase A New Property

Hiring a team of professionals to complete a roof inspection before you buy a property is critical. Murray Roofing performs a free roof inspection for individuals in Omaha, Lincoln, and Houston. They are proficient in identifying the condition of a roof, allowing you to make an informed decision before you purchase a property.

After Your Area Experiences Any Severe Weather Conditions

You may benefit from a roof inspection after extreme weather events like a hurricane, tornado, or significant snowfall to check that your home is not damaged. If you don't see any visible damage on your roof, it is still a good idea to have a professional inspector look in case unseen problems are lurking beneath the surface.

Before a Rainy Or Snowy Season

Examining your roof before a rainy or snowy season begins in your area is crucial to ensure it's in good enough shape to withstand the additional pressure of inclement weather. If you live in an area that frequently experiences flooding from rain or snow, having a roof inspection should be a high priority, as you're at a higher risk of damaging your roof.

At Least Once A Year

Even if you can't see any damage, you should have a professional examine your roof at least once a year to ensure it's in excellent shape. Regular inspections allow you to catch roof problems early on before they become expensive emergencies.

Murray Roofing: Offering Free Inspections and Outstanding Professional Service

With over 17 years of experience, Murray Roofing offers a free roof inspection to customers in Lincoln, Omaha, and Houston. We proudly serve local communities with professional commercial and residential roofing services. We are proficient in delivering high-quality services to inspect, repair, or even replace your roof for competitive prices. With your business, we offer a free upgrade to impact-resistant shingles, offering you significantly more protection from adverse weather conditions, which reduces the chances of it becoming damaged. Excellent roofing services from our team can save you thousands of dollars in repairs down the line.

If you've been looking for a roof inspection in Lincoln, Omaha, or Houston, we are here to help. We are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with friendly service to answer your questions and schedule your free inspection. Contact us today–there's no need to worry when you work with Murray!

Lincoln, Nebraska location (corporate headquarters): (402) 802-7021

Omaha, Nebraska location: (402) 557-8790

Houston, Texas location: (713) 261-1633

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