Common Roofing Mistakes That Are Easily Avoidable

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Weather you're considering hiring #roofing contractors or doing things yourself you can save major headaches and future problems by paying attention to these commonly seen installation problems with commercial and residential roofing systems.

Single Plies:

  • Poor, Inconsistent Welds

  • Improper Fastener Spacing

  • Unadhered Base Flashing

Hot Bituminous:

  • Inadequate Temperature Control Of Asphalt

  • Poor Interply Integrity And Dry Laps

Torch-Applied Modified:

  • Fire Safety Concerns

  • Over/Under Torching And Voids In Seams

Steep Slope:

  • Improperly Spaced Decks

  • Buckled Plywood

  • No Waterproofing Underlayment Installed In Valleys

  • Improperly Installed Step Flashings

Cold-Applied Roofs:

  • Improper Materials Storage

  • Seaming Problems At The Selvage Edge And End Laps

Roof Decks/Subtrates:

  • Under-Driven Fasteners

  • Incorrect Attachment Patterns

  • Loose Or Damaged Insulation

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