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9 Tips for Choosing a Roofing Company in Lincoln, NE

Americans are falling in love with their homes now, more than ever. According to Architectural Digest, home renovation projects jumped from $328 billion in 2019 to $472 billion in 2022. Choosing the right roofing contractor is key to your home renovation plans.

Things to look for when choosing a roofing company include asking about experience and insurance. Don't forget to look at past work and ask about a contract.

Here are nine tips for choosing the right roofing company in Lincoln, NE.

1. Experience

One of the most important things to keep in mind when hiring roofing services in Lincoln, NE is hiring someone with experience. You want someone who knows how to install a new roof and can answer any questions.

Ask how many years the roofing company has been in business. Talk with them about the type of roofing services for your home, including a roof remodel or a brand new roof.

Be sure to ask how many projects the roofing contractor has under their belt.

2. Insurance

A roofing services company must carry liability insurance and workers' compensation insurance. If they fail to have these two, you could be liable should something happen on your property if professional roofers get hurt.

For example, if the roofing contractor damages your siding, lawn, or driveway, their insurance would cover the costs. Moreover, if a worker gets hurt on the job, workers comp pays the claim and covers the salary and medical bills of the employee.

Should the case go to court and you win, you'll still be left paying if the roofing contractor lacks the proper insurance.

3. Past Work

Ask your roofing contractor in Lincoln, NE for a list of past work. Drive around the neighborhood looking to see their portfolio.

Getting a close and personal view of a roofing job is better than looking at it in a magazine or computer screen.

Examining past work is also a way for you to see different styles and colors of roofs. Perhaps you might see a house similar to yours and decide if you like how a new roof looks.

4. Contracts

Every professional roofer should put all of the details of your roofing job in writing.

Details include price, materials, and length of time. It should include additional services, warranties, permit acquisition fees, and insurance. Moreover, it should also have a payment schedule and how you make each payment.

There should also be a provision for 'unforeseen circumstances' should the contractor not finish the work. You might also include a termination clause.

Getting everything in writing is critical. Contracts are key when hiring a roofer to protect you and professional roofers. You can always refer back to the contractor when there's a disagreement or issue.

5. Point Person

Every contracting job should have a point person. Who's in charge? When there's a question or an issue, who do you call?

The point person (sometimes called the job foreman) answers all your calls, texts, and emails. They keep tabs on materials, pricing, and start times.

For example, if workers are to be at your home on a Tuesday morning and no one shows up, the point person will give you an answer. Furthermore, if workers finish early, the point person notifies you.

6. Warranty

Every roof comes with a warranty. It protects against installation errors and also if the roofing materials fail.

Extended warranties pay for a roof replacement. However, you must pay extra for a more comprehensive warranty.

Warranties can often be long and confusing documents to the average consumer. You might only have some time to act on a warranty issue.

It's best to talk with your roofing company in Lincoln, NE for any necessary details. Your roofing contractor deals with the manufacturer constantly, so they know the ins and outs of each warranty and product.

7. Search Online Reviews

Many people are not shy about sharing their views when they get good (or bad) service from a contractor. Before you install a roof, be sure to read online reviews about a potential roofing services company.

Online reviews are not always negative. Seventy-two percent of consumers recently told a survey data company that they would share their positive experience with six or more people. Many people are eager to write about their experiences when they have good news to report.

8. Clean-up

Replacing a roof means the sold shingles must come off your old home and get hauled away to a landfill. Talk with your roofing services company about how they will dispose of the old roofing shingles.

In some cases, they will bring a commercial dumpster to your yard. When the dumpster is full, they will haul it to a landfill.

Be sure to ask who will pay for the dumpster. Also, find out if you'll need any special permits.

Yard space might be tight too. Ask where it will be placed and ensure it won't damage your property.

9. Professionalism

The average homeowner pays about $10,000 for a new roof. However, in some cases, the price could rise. You are about to spend a hefty sum, so you should get the best and most professional service.

It's essential to have a roofing company that's well-dressed and can speak intelligently about the product. They should be able to answer any questions promptly and return calls immediately.

Moreover, they should listen and hear your concerns. When there's an issue or a problem, they should make you feel like you are the most important person in the room.

Choosing the Right Roofing Company in Lincoln, NE

The best tips we can offer when it comes to choosing the right roofing company in Lincoln, NE includes asking about experience and insurance. Ask about past work, a contract, a point person, and a warranty. Furthermore, search online reviews and ask about who's responsible for clean-up.

Finally, it's essential to ensure your roofing contractor is professional.

Let us show you why Murray Roofing is the most trusted and experienced roofing contractor in Lincoln, NE. Our skilled team of experts has installed thousands of roofs.

Schedule an appointment with Murray Roofing today! Our competitive pricing will have you making us your choice.

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