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2023 Nebraska Severe Weather Awareness Week

Updated: Mar 29

To date, the most severe weather event in Nebraska's history was the Omaha Tornado, which killed 101 individuals on March 23rd, 1913. As it turns out, recent events have proven to be just as dangerous for residents of the Cornhusker state. In the past five years alone, flooding, bomb cyclones, and storms have devastated our state's rural communities, causing billions of dollars in property damage.

Are you sure your roof can withstand the next severe weather event?

At Murray Roofing, we want to ensure every Nebraskan home can make it through our roughest weather events. That's why we've created this guide to Nebraska's Severe Weather Awareness Week. We'll explain what this week is about and what the National Weather Service will focus on each day.

Read on to learn what to expect in 2023.

Daily Topics During Severe Weather Awareness Week 2023

Severe Weather Awareness Week will last from Monday, March 27th, through Friday, March 31st, 2023. Each day, the National Weather Service will test its alert systems to keep Nebraskans safe. It's also the perfect opportunity to learn more about how to prepare for the inevitability of severe Nebraska weather events all year long.

Sunday: Preparation

Sunday, March 26th, will be the unofficial first day of Severe Weather Awareness Week. This is the perfect day to review your safety plans, restock emergency kits and go-bags, and ensure your shelters are in good shape. You might wish to review your family safety drills in the event of different types of weather events and perhaps schedule practice runs throughout the week.

Monday: Terminology

Monday, March 27th, is the official first day of Severe Weather Awareness Week, focusing on emergency weather terminology. You may want to review the definitions of the following weather-related words with your family, especially if you have children:

  • Severe

  • Tornado

  • Flash Flood

  • Watch

  • Warning

Knowing the difference between each type of event could save a life. You'll hear each of these terms in subsequent broadcasts throughout the week.

Tuesday: Severe Thunderstorms

On Tuesday, you'll learn what to do in the event of severe thunderstorms. Because Nebraska's weather is so mercurial, they'll also cover topics like high winds and hail.

Wednesday: Tornadoes

On Wednesday, broadcasts will include information about what to do before, during, and after a tornado. Review the locations of shelters at home, work, and school to ensure your safety. Afterward, you can contact your local roofing contractors regarding your insurance claim.

Thursday: Lightning

Did you know that lightning kills an average of 32 people annually? On Thursday, you'll learn how to stay safe during a lightning event. The broadcasts will also debunk common myths about this strange weather phenomenon.

Friday: Flooding

You might not think flooding is a risk in an inland state like Nebraska, but it's one of the deadliest natural disasters. You'll learn what to do when you hear a flash flood warning, wherever you are—including on the road.

When Severe Weather Happens, Call Murray

Nebraska is a dynamic state, and wild, wonderful weather is one of the reasons we've made our homes here. If we want to keep our homes here, it's essential to maintain our roofs. Your local contractors with Murray Roofing will ensure your home makes it through every severe weather event unscathed.

What should you do in the event of a weather-related insurance claim? Murray Roofing can help with that, too. Contact us for a free estimate and discover why Nebraskans never worry when working with Murray.

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